Is Spain a Cheap Place to Live?

In the current economic crisis, it is hard to know which the cheap countries to choose for a holiday are. Prices of rent, petrol, and general living have gone up everywhere. javea (10)This will all have a knock of effect on the prices of holiday. Therefore, this week, we ask if Spain is a cheap place to visit.
To find out the answers, we had to do some investigative research and we found the average prices as follows:
• Cup of coffee – 1.50 Euro
• Beer – 2.20 euro
• Meal for two – 25 euro
• Basic accommodation – 35 euros a night
• Petrol – 1.47 euro
• Loaf of Bread – 0.90 euro
• Eggs – 1.54 Euro

Ways to cut down on costs

1 – Pre book holiday rentals Spain and search the internet for special deals
2 – Eat your main meal at lunchtime
3 – Seek out places where the locals eat and drink
4 – Opt for pre-guided tours to save on petrol costs
5 – Cities are always more expensive than the smaller coastal resorts.
6 – Travel out of high season. High season tends to be the months from July to September and many hotels and hostels will put their prices up. During the months of April and October, some good deals are to be had.


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