Making More Space Through Home Extensions

As your family or your collection of books, DVDs, and other accumulated treasures grows, as you reach a point in your life when guests staying overnight becomes more common – perhaps your sister and her children, or a cousin – it often becomes clear that your house needs another room, and a home extension becomes necessary.

One of the great advantages of home extensions is that they can add to the look of your house as well as improving its function. Often extensions look visibly different from the rest of the building, but are designed to complement it. The results will greatly enhance the value of your home, and there are a wide assortment of possible extension types, all of which add different things to your life experience.

So what’s the best option for you? Let’s take a look.

Easily the most common of all home extensions, the conservatory extension gives you a light, airy room on the ground floor. It’s not considered a conservatory unless at least half of the wall and three quarters of the roof are glass, while the framework in which they rest is a chance to beautify your house.

As well as being enjoyed by all the family – particularly children – in the sun, the conservatory makes an excellent basis for a greenroom.

Single Story Extension
In order to get one of these you will need to seek planning permission, and will need to be aware of the building codes in your area. Of course, however, they’re a fantastic way to provide more storage or living space, according to your particular needs; a spare room or two, perhaps a second bathroom, or simply storage can be installed in one of these, and their more utilitarian appearance doesn’t have to be a negative.

Over-Garage Extension
If it’s not feasible to build onto more ground, then sometimes building over your garage is the way to go. Much the same pros and cons apply as to the single story extension, though plumbing in a second bathroom, washroom, or similar is likely to be trickier and more expensive simply due to the location.

Additional foundations may be required; planning permission will be.

As the name suggests, the idea of the orangery was originally a focused sunroom not unlike a conservatory but in which the heat retained would be enough that citrus fruits could easily be grown. Through the 17th to 19th centuries, they were vastly popular, and even today they can be relied on to give your house both a wonderfully warm place in the sun and a bit of extra class.

However, a word of caution: an orangery is not something to be constructed without the participation of a professional architect.

Loft Conversion
While this isn’t exactly an extension per se, it is nonetheless in the same basic category, as a loft conversion takes space you already own, and opens it up for use, either as storage or as another living space – most often more living space; a loft conversion is often surprisingly roomy and comfortable, especially once the windows are installed. Building regulations must be followed, but a professional loft conversion company like Touchstone can help with that.

Garage Conversion
Most people these days leave their cars outdoors rather than use the garage for the purpose it was originally intended for. That being the case, you have to ask whether or not it wouldn’t be worth refurbishing and reworking it into something more useful. Roof design may cause issues, so look to replace the trusses with more standard roof trusses, and consider adding further windows to allow cross ventilation.

Houses for Sale in the UK

During these times that we are experiencing a slow property market all over the UK, if you wish to buy house in England, or indeed in any other part of Britain, you have a wide choice of properties to choose from at low prices.

During recent years, the property market in the UK has slumped considerably, and banks are reluctant to lend money to first-time buyers. This means that there are very few buyers compared to properties being sold, which makes the property market in the UK currently a buyer’s market. However having said this, many owners with expanding families are opting for a home extension rather than moving.

Therefore, if you’re wishing to buy property in the UK that you want to live in or rent out, rather than resell quickly; you are in a very good position. On the other hand, if you were hoping to buy a cheap property, do it up, and make a good profit, you will probably be disappointed. Realistically, it is a good time to buy a property in the UK if you are not looking for a quick resale.

UK Real Estate News

One piece of big news in the UK real estate market that occurred recently was the joint real estate loan deal that involves Standard Life and Helaba. Standard Life used 50 million pounds from their loan recently.Banks and insurers are actually doing this regularly though out the UK It’s becoming something of an important trend, particularly if you are into selling my house fast. The reason for this is that insurers often have trouble with capital regulations. But when partnerships form, this provides a way around the lending problem that makes it all considerably less expensive. The process allows banks to syndicate debt for insurers that want to get assets that help them make more income over bonds. This is because bonds in the real estate field are at a record low in recent years.

All this is to say that lending deals can come out from mergers like this at basically any time. Those who are thinking thoughts like “ I wish I could sell my house fast for cash” would do well to pay attention to such trends as they occur. This will allow them to stay on top of the trends and even get ahead of the game in terms of taking advantage of special deals that allow buyers and sellers to connect with each other to the mutual benefit of both. These times often correspond to big bank and insurer mergers, because this is when the partnerships will most be able to handle deals like this due to the influx of mutual profit that they provide as a result.

After all, when you try and sell your house during low periods, it can take years and years to actually get the house on the market and then actually find a buyer.But when you jump on the right trends, selling your house for cash much more quickly becomes a breeze.

Spanish Property and Foreign European Investors

People all over Europe are interested in investing in Spanish properties in Javea. Many javea (11)citizens in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom are choosing to spend their retirement years in Spain. When it comes to Spain, property tends to be desirable for many reasons. People from the United Kingdom, depending on where they live specifically, are used to a rainy, cold climate. Even most people in Germany and France don’t usually get to enjoy the weather that people can experience every single day in many parts of Spain.

In Germany, the housing market favors renting homes as opposed to working towards home ownership. It’s no surprise that German citizens that are interested in investing in real estate would choose to do so in another country. France doesn’t currently have an especially strong housing market. People in the United Kingdom are competing against their own set of foreign real estate investors for homes, which is leading to a housing shortage in the United Kingdom. Investing in foreign real estate is simple the most logical choice for many citizens in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Tourism in Spain is also booming. Spain has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with only the United States and France in the lead. It’s no wonder that Spanish Javea houses for sale are looking so appealing for people that are hoping to get investment income. Of course, Spain is also a popular tourist destination for a reason. People retiring in Spain or buying vacation properties in Spain will be able to enjoy everything that makes Spain so appealing from the comfort of their own Spanish properties.

Spanish Property Investment 2014

Many individuals choose to travel to Spain in order to purchase property within the country. luxury homes (1)This is because Spain is a beautiful country and has a warm climate throughout the year that would be perfectly suited to those that want to live a life in the sunshine. There are also many great locations within Spain, where individuals can purchase property. These include beautiful natural areas in the countryside, as well as busy cities such as Barcelona and Madrid.

So what should one consider when they are thinking of buying a property in Spain? The first thing to consider is the rules and regulations that Spain applies to those who wish to buy property, as these can be different from those in other countries. Getting everything in writing is usually a good idea and investing in a translator if you’re not sure of the Spanish language can also be a good plan. Sometimes legal disputes can take place, and in these situations it is important to get a lawyer. If one cannot afford the court fees then they will need to seek funding via legal aid. However, as long as the buyer pays careful attention to all aspects of the property purchase, they should be okay.

When viewing properties for sale in Javea it is important to consider the climate of the area in which you are viewing. Issues such as high humidity and condensation should be considered in hot and humid countries such as Spain, as this can damage properties over time. It is also a good idea to check for any insects or bedbugs that may be living in the property as these tend to thrive in hotter and more humid locations.

Is Living In Spain A Good Idea?

barcelona (33)If you’re thinking about moving to Spain, you are right to question if living in Spain is a good idea. The answer varies from person to person, depending on each individual’s circumstances.

Perhaps the biggest downside of living in Spain is having to actually work in a physical job in the country. Compared to the UK work conditions are not excellent in Spain, conditions described in work contracts are often not met, and many bosses expect workers to work weekends, bank holidays and other inconvenient days without extra pay. Shifts tend to be very long and workers are often expected to work without proper eating or rest breaks.

If you do not really need to rely on going to work in a hotel, restaurant or similar job to earn a living, Spain is probably one of the better countries you can choose to relocate to. The weather is excellent and there are many outdoor past times to enjoy such as water sports, golf, cycling and hiking.

Locals in the country are generally very friendly towards expats providing you make some sort of effort to fit in with the local community. Even if you do not speak the language, Spanish people tend to be very generous in trying to understand you and most are happy to practice their English when given the opportunity.

To sum up, living in Spain is a good idea if you have the means of supporting yourself, at least for some time, because finding a good job is not easy. However, you can expect to enjoy a more laid-back less hurried lifestyle than is typically experienced in the UK.

For information about buying a property in Spain visit Valuvillas or look at luxury villas to rent in Javea for rental properties.


Distressed Seller? Sell Your House Fast

In the past, if you needed to sell your house quickly due to not being able to meet your house sale (7)mortgage repayments, your only real option was to spend the little money you had on some home improvements such as painting the outside of the house and praying that a buyer would come along in time, and hope for the best.

However, these days, things have changed and distressed sellers have the option to go for a fast cash sale in exchange for selling their home at a little less than the normal market price.

This is a great solution for everybody concerned – less homes are being repossessed and sellers are able to at least walk away with some cash in their pocket to start afresh. Banks are not left with empty properties in their portfolios, and this industry has created many jobs within the real estate business.

However, it is not all rosy, as just like with anything else there are many companies jumping on board with the intent of getting what they can out of distressed buyers and offering them far less than the market value of their property. While is expected that by fast cash sale you will not get the full 100% property value, you are advised to shop around because companies will offer vastly differing amounts.

A family member recently went this route after she was unable to keep up with her mortgage repayments, and was very happy with the cash offer she received from her fast house sales company. So do ask around, and read reviews before jumping at the first offer – you might be leaving money on the table.


Investing in Property Abroad

Due to the rather serious global recession that hit Europe pretty hard in the year 2008, there are many homes for sale bargainjavea (12)in the warm Mediterranean countries including Greece, Spain, and Italy at knock down prices. In fact you can find nice houses and apartments priced at just a fraction of what you would expect to pay when the property market in many of these countries hit an all time high in 2007. Therefore, anyone who has been considering buying a property in the sun as a holiday home or to relocate, it is certainly a tempting proposal – but is buying a second home in one of these countries a wise idea as an investment right now?

The fact is your individual circumstances will play a large part in your decision. Those who need to work in the chosen country are in a very different situation compared with somebody who has a state pension and does not need to rid lie on finding work locally in order to be able to live.

The problem is that local unemployment at the moment in Mediterranean countries continues to be high, and finding work, particularly if you are not qualified in any particular trade can be very hard.

Your decision should also depend on whether you will have to get a mortgage or can buy out right. Renting a property out in Spain for example, can be very lucrative particularly buying in one of the popular holiday resort such as Javea. Villas in Javea can fetch thousands of euros per week during the summer months, providing the owner with a nice income. However it is wise to remember the summer season is short, and for a large part of the year if you buy a property to rent exclusively to tourists, it will remain empty.



Is Spain a Cheap Place to Live?

In the current economic crisis, it is hard to know which the cheap countries to choose for a holiday are. Prices of rent, petrol, and general living have gone up everywhere. javea (10)This will all have a knock of effect on the prices of holiday. Therefore, this week, we ask if Spain is a cheap place to visit.
To find out the answers, we had to do some investigative research and we found the average prices as follows:
• Cup of coffee – 1.50 Euro
• Beer – 2.20 euro
• Meal for two – 25 euro
• Basic accommodation – 35 euros a night
• Petrol – 1.47 euro
• Loaf of Bread – 0.90 euro
• Eggs – 1.54 Euro

Ways to cut down on costs

1 – Pre book holiday rentals Spain and search the internet for special deals
2 – Eat your main meal at lunchtime
3 – Seek out places where the locals eat and drink
4 – Opt for pre-guided tours to save on petrol costs
5 – Cities are always more expensive than the smaller coastal resorts.
6 – Travel out of high season. High season tends to be the months from July to September and many hotels and hostels will put their prices up. During the months of April and October, some good deals are to be had.


Buying Property in Another Country

Choosing to live in another country may not be an easy decision for some to make. For others that desire can be rather strong to try life somewhere else. However just because Javea you want to make the decision on a large move like that, doesn’t mean that you have to rush into the decision. You will need to look into more than just what your future home is like, and looks like before you decide to make your purchase.

You can let the experts help you make your purchase without you feeling frustrated and confused. javea property experts have great properties of all styles, such as Villas, Fincas, apartment homes, houses and bungalows that can meet the needs of any couple or family. They can look into all the legal aspects of buying your home in Javea Spain with ease. Licensing and fees can be costly and you can be swindled out of your hard earned money if you don’t have someone in your corner. Getting your mortgage from a bank not located within the country can be even harder, as Germans looking for Haus zu Verkaufen in Javea have often found out.

You can be sure you won’t regret your decision to move to this beautiful little town in the province of Alicante. Plenty of open markets to enjoy an afternoon with the people. Or spend a day in the sand and gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea, sunbathing and swimming to your heart’s content. So look around and enjoy the sites. Send us an E-mail today with any questions and we will be sure and reply to you just as quickly.